International Symposium on Recent Advances in Electrical Engineering 2019

August 28 – 29 2019,Organized by PIEAS
Venue: PIEAS, Islamabad
Technical Program
Here is the technical program of IEEE International Symposium on Recent Advances in Electrical Engineering 2019.
RAEE-2019 Program at a Glance
List of Accepted Papers for RAEE-2019
Papers Accepted
All comments by reviewers must be addressed before submitting camera-ready submission. Last date for cmaera-ready submission is August 19, 2019.
ID Title Decision
1 Muhammad Usama Malik, Aftab Ahmad and Malik Muhammad Zaid. Solution of Economic Load Dispatch
Problem by Modified Whales Optimization Algorithm
11 Faizan Ahmad Khattak, Syed Muhammad Rehan and Muhammad Faisal Paracha. Investigation of 5 Level
Symmetric CHB for meeting the requirements of IEEE-519, IEC 61000 (Part 3-6 & 2-12) for all Voltage Ranges
12 Farhan Nisar, Samad Baseer and
  Arshad Khan. Applying ARIMA Model Workloads in a Data Center with
  respect to Different Architecture
21 Sadia Bakhtiar and Farid
  Khan. Energy harvesting from pulsating fluid flow for pipeline
  monitoring systems
25 Muhammad Irfan Ali and Muhammad
  Jawad Ghafoor. Designing a Low-Cost and Portable Infusion Pump
33 Atif Iqbal, Deng Ying, Adeel
  Saleem, Muhammad Aftab Hayat and Muhammad Mateen. Proposed FLS-PID Wind
  Turbine Pitch Control for efficacious output
37 Muhammad Kiani and Hasan
  Saeed. Automatic Spot Welding feature recognition From STEP DATA
39 Muhammad Usman Qadeer, Shahroze
  Liaquat Ali, Muhammad Ali Shafique Shafique and Dr Abdul Rahaman
  Kashif. Implementation of Wireless Mesh Network for IoT based Smart
41 Shaheer Bin Rizwan, Muhammad
  Saad Zahid Khan and Muhammad Imran Bhatti. American Sign Language
  Translation via Smart Wearable Glove Technology
46 Mengya Qin and Yunxia
  Dong. Analysis of Power Quality Events in Distribution Network Based on
  Interval-affine Algorithm
51 Muhammad Asghar Khan, Zheng Tao
  and Liu Xiaoxiao. Turn-to-Turn Faults Analysis of an Extra-High Voltage
  Magnetically Controlled Shunt Reactor
52 Sajjad Durrani and Hazrat
  Ali. Smart Fault Detection and Generator Protection scheme using Arduino
  and HMI
56 Sarah Saeed, Ijaz Qureshi,
  Waseem Khan, Dr. Shahryar Saleem and Ayesha Salman. Frequency Offset
  Selection based adaptive 3D Beamforming in Planar Frequency Diverse Array.
57 Muhammad Ali and Safdart
  Raza. Fault Analysis and Fault location Fuseless split-wye shunt
  capacitor banks
58 Ayesha Salman, Ijaz Qureshi, Dr.
  Shahryar Saleem and Sarah Saeed. Optimization of Resource Allocation for
  Heterogeneous Services in OFDM Based Cognitive Radio Networks Using
  Artificial Bee Colony
60 Muhammad Shahzad, Umair Naeem,
  Rehan Sadiq and Ejaz Muhammad. Fuzzy Logic Based Algorithm for Wind
  Energy Prediction
63 Rehan Sadiq, Umair Naeem and
  Muhammad Shahzad. Power system stabilization using unified power flow
  controller and model predictive control
64 Wasiq Ullah, Faisal Khan, Noman
  Ullah, Muhammad Umair, Bakhtiar Khan and Hamid Ali Khan. Comparative
  Study Between C-Core/E-Core SFPMM with Consequent Pole SFPMM
67 Shahid Latif, Syed Adil Javed,
  Zil E Huma, Izzat Fatima, Arsalan Ejaz and Umair Naeem. Design and
  development of a wireless controlled human aide robot
69 Nasir Nawaz, Muhammad Siddique,
  Safdar Raza and Abid Hussain. Off-grid hydrokinetic, photovoltaic and
  wind based power generation for electricity supply
77 Yasir Ahmed and Muhammad
  Sheikh. Linear Array Processing Using Modified Singular Value
78 Kashif Waqas, Umar Hamid and
  Shahid Ali. Comparison of Two Data Compression Approaches for
  Surveillance and Detection Displays in Acoustic Processing Systems
86 Farwa Jafar, Syeda Farwa Fatima,
  Hafiza Ramsha Mushtaq, Sidra Khan, Amber Rasheed and Munazza Sadaf. Eye
  Controlled Wheelchair Using Transfer Learning
87 Abdul Hannan, Muhammad Naveed
  Naz, Muhammad Siddique, Muhammad Waseem Altaf and Ali Imran. Demand Side
  and Response Side Joint Energy Management Strategy Towards Economical and
  Environmental Benefits of Sugar Industry
91 Muhammad Aftab Ahmad, Syed
  Zulqadar Hassan, Amir Zahoor, Tariq Kamal, Tasawar Murtaza, Muhammad Abbas
  Khan, Abdullah Irfan and Muhammad Farhan Masood. Removal of Voltage
  Transients by PWM Switched Autotransformer & PI-Controller
95 Syed Adeel Ali Shah and Asad
  Ali. VANET Clustering Using Whale Optimization Algorithm
97 Aashir Waleed, Muhammad Tanveer
  Riaz, Muhammad Fazeel Muneer, Ayesha Mughal, Malik Awais Zafar and Muhammad
  Mudassar Shakoor. Solar (PV) Water Irrigation System with Wireless
99 Rizwan Ahmad and Rahmat
  Ullah. Simulation and breakdown characteristics of china clay and silica
  sand for improved grounding system
104 Nashitah Alwaz, Safdar Raza,
  Sadaqat Ali, M. Kamran Liaquat Bhatti and Shabab Zahra. Harmonic Power
  Sharing and Power Quality Improvement of Droop Controller Based Low Voltage
  Islanded Microgrid
105 Muhammad Idrees, Muhammad
  Tanveer Riaz, Aashir Waleed, Wajahat Saleem Hashmi, Ahmad Raza and Muhammad
  Abbas Khan. Fuzzy Logic Based Analysis and Calculation of Health Index
  for Power Transformer Installed in Grid Stations
107 Amber Rasheed, Sidra Khan, Hasan
  Erteza Gelani and Faizan Dastgeer. AC vs. DC Home: An Efficiency
108 Muhammad Ahmed Raza, Qasim
  Hussain, Mafaz Ahmad and Muhammad Habib Mahmood. A Two Fold Approach for
  Object Recognition with Bag of Visual Words using Artificial Neural Network
113 Abdur Rahman, Zikria Khalid,
  Fawad Fawad, Adeel Asghar and Jamil Khan. Kinship verification using
  Deep Neural Network Models
117 Muhammad Jawad Ghafoor, Muhammad
  Junaid and Arslan Ali. Nav-Cane A Smart Cane for Visually Impaired
118 Aqsa Javed, Asma Ejaz, Yasar
  Amin, Jonathon Loo and Hannu Tenhunen. Study of Effect of Superstrate on
  Wideband Array Antenna
122 Rabeea Basir, Irum Baseer, Asma
  Ejaz, Ramshah Ahmad, Amina Baseer and Asmara Minhas. Bandwidth
  Optimization Using Flex Grid over Conventional Grid for 5G Optical Networks
125 Aun Abbas, Abdul Rehman, Khurram
  Ali, Adeel Mehmood and Imran Lodhi. Smart Grasping Control of Serial
  Link Manipulator using NI myRIO
126 Ayaz Ul Hassan Khan. MPI
  Implementation of Parsing for Predicting RNA
130 Muhammad Azhar Iqbal and
  Attaullah Y.Memon. Robust Backstepping Sensorless Speed Control of PMSM
  Using Cascaded Sliding Mode and High Gain Observers
131 Abdul Muqeet, Aftab Ahmad,
  Intisar Ali Sajjad, Saqib Ali, Muhammad Muzaffar Iqbal and Josep M.
  Guerrero. Optimal Operation of Enegy Storage System for a Prosumer
  Microgrid Considering Economical and Environmental Effects
133 Iqra Jabeen, Asma Ejaz, Adeel
  Akram, Yasar Amin and Hannu Tenhunen. Miniaturized Slot Based Chipless
  RFID Tag for Internet of Things
135 Shehla Inam. Study of
  Electromyography (EMG) Signals of Healthy and Amputee Subjects for their
  Upper and Lower Limb Muscles
136 Hassan Ishtiaq Minhas, Rizwan
  Ahmad, Waqas Ahmed, Muhammad Mahtab Alam and Maurizio Magarani. On the
  impact of clustering for Energy critical Public Safety Networks