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About Us

Department of Electrical Engineering started as a research group called Computer & Control Systems Group (C&CSG), with the main objectives of establishing research activities and training in the areas of Computer Sciences and Control Systems Engineering. The group launched MS Systems Engineering program in 1988. After restructuring of PIEAS, formerly known as Center for Nuclear Studies (CNS), it was separately established as Electrical Engineering Department in 2000.

More than 300 scientists and engineers have graduated and currently 65 students are registered under M.S. Systems Engineering program. Ph.D. in Systems Engineering was started in 1999. Two students have been awarded Ph.D. degrees in Systems Engineering and 8 are currently pursuing their research leading to Ph.D. The first batch of BS Electrical Engineering students was inducted in Fall 2009 with specialization in Electronics. Specializations in Power and Computer Engineering will also be offered in the coming years.


  • Naeem Iqbal

    Head of the Department

    PhD Control Systems (University of RENNES-I, France)

    Research Interests: Control and Automation, Visual Servoing

    E-mail: naeem@pieas.edu.pk

  • Haroon Ur Rasheed


    PhD (Beijing Institute of Technology, China)

    Research Interests: Multicore Architecture, Digital Image Processing, Microprocessor Based Design

    E-mail: haroon@pieas.edu.pk

  • Mohammad Jaudet

    PhD Electrical Engineering (PIEAS, Islamabad)

    Research Interests: Bayesian modeling with MCMC methods, Management of Telecommunication Systems and Local Area Networks

    E-mail: jaudet@pieas.edu.pk

  • Muhammad Arif

    PhD Control Systems Engineering (HUST Wuhan, China)

    Research Interests: Digital Signal and Image Processing, Pattern Classification

    E-mail: fac097@pieas.edu.pk

  • Muhammad Tufail

    PhD Electronic Engineering (Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan)

    Research Interests: Digital Signal Processing, Adaptive Filters, Blind Source Separation, Array Signal Processing, Active Noise Control

    E-mail: fac077@pieas.edu.pk

  • Kamran Ullah Khan

    PhD Information and Communication Engineering (Tsinghua University, China)

    Research Interests: Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing

    E-mail: kamran@pieas.edu.pk

  • Nauman Masud

    MSc System Engineering (Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad)

    Research Interests: Applied Embedded Control, Power Drives, Visual Servoing, Autonomous Control and Navigation, Instrumentation and Control

    E-mail: fac082@pieas.edu.pk

  • Nasir Rahman Jadoon

    PhD Mechatronics Engineering (Beijing Institute of Technology, China)

    Research Interests: Robotics and Automation

    E-mail: fac083@pieas.edu.pk

  • Sufi Tabassum Gul

    PhD Digital Signal Proessing & Telecommunications (SUPELEC/University of Rennes-I, France)

    Research Interests: PhD Digital Signal Proessing & Telecommunications (SUPELEC/University of Rennes-I, France)

    E-mail: tabassum_gul@pieas.edu.pk

  • Muhammad Shahid Nazir

    MSc Systems Engineering (PIEAS, Islamabad)

    MSc Electronics (Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad)

    Research Interests: Advance Signal Processing, FPGAs design and implementation

    E-mail: shahidnazir@pieas.edu.pk

  • Ghulam Mustafa

    PhD Control Systems (University of Alberta, Canada)

    Research Interests: Sampled-data control, Robust control, Networked control systems, Robotics, Smart grid

    E-mail: gm@pieas.edu.pk

  • Abdul Qayyum Khan

    PhD Electrical Engineering (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany)

    Research Interests: Fault Diagnosis and Process Monitoring, Nonlinear Observers, Robust Control, Nonlinear Control

    E-mail: aqkhan@pieas.edu.pk

  • Muhammad Abid

    PhD Electrical Engineering (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany)

    Research Interests: Fault Diagnosis and Tolerance, Nonlinear Control, Robust and Optimal Control

    E-mail: mabid@pieas.edu.pk

  • Muhammad Aqil

    PhD Cogno-Mechatronics Engineering (Pusan National University, Korea)

    Research Interests: Human-machine interaction, brain (EEG, NIRS, fMRI, and multimodality) imaging, instrumentation and applied intelligent control

    E-mail: aqil@pieas.edu.pk

  • Babar Hussain

    PhD Electrical Engineering (University of Southampton, UK)

    Research Interests: Integration of Distributed Generation (renewable energy sources ) in the Power Grid, Islanding detection, Microgrids, Power Electronic Converters, Power System Economics

    E-mail: b.hussain@pieas.edu.pk

  • Muhammad Irfan Hameed

    MS Computer Software Engineering (NUST, Rawalpindi)

    Research Interests: Establishment of Software Services Infrastructure, Development of an Integrated Set of Information Systems, Development of Internet and Database Application Software

    E-mail: irfan@pieas.edu.pk

  • Tanveer Abbas

    MSc Systems Engineering (PIEAS, Islamabad)

    Research Interests: Electronics, Robotics, Machine Vision

    E-mail: tanveer@pieas.edu.pk

  • Waqas Ahmed

    MS System Engineering (PIEAS, Islamabad)

    Research Interests: Wireless Communication, Digital Signal Processing

    E-mail: fac044@pieas.edu.pk

  • Aftab Ahmed Khattak

    MS Systems Engineering (PIEAS, Islamabad)

    Research Interests: Robust Analysis & Design of UTDS, LMIs in Systems & Control Theory, Robust Nonlinear Control, Adaptive Control, Adaptive Channel Equalization, Electromagnetics

    E-mail: aftab@pieas.edu.pk

  • Shakeel Ahmed

    PhD Communication Engineering and Informatics (University of Electro-Communications, Japan)

    Research Interests: Nonlinear adaptive filtering, Subband adaptive filtering, Active noise control

    E-mail: shakeelahmed@pieas.edu.pk

  • Fatima Tahir

    PhD Control Engineering (Osaka University, Japan)

    Research Interests: Linear and Nonlinear Control Theory and Real-time Optimization with Applications to Process Control and Automotive Industry, Nonlinear Model Predictive Control, Adaptive Control

    E-mail: fatima@pieas.edu.pk

  • Muhammad Rehan

    PhD Control Systems (Pusan National University, South Korea)

    Research Interests: Nonlinear, robust, and adaptive control, Anti-windup design and implementation, Synchronization and consensus control, Modeling and feedback control of biosystems

    E-mail: rehan@pieas.edu.pk

  • S.M. Hur Rizvi

    MS Systems Engineering (PIEAS, Islamabad)

    Research Interests: Control Systems, Fault Diagnosis and Tolerance, Power System Analysis

    E-mail: hurrizvi@pieas.edu.pk

  • Muhammad Abubakar

    MS Nuclear Engineering (PIEAS, Islamabad)

    Research Interests: Power Drives, Smart grid, Power System Operation, Renewable energy resources, Power System Protection, High Voltage

    E-mail: abubakar@pieas.edu.pk

  • Muhammad Riaz

    MS (Electrical Engineering)

    Research Interests: Smart Grid, VLSI Design, Power Electronics

    E-mail: riaz@pieas.edu.pk